Daily Check-in with RICE

Daily Check-in with RICE Wallet

After 3 days of launch, RICE Wallet has attracted more than 60,000 installs and 30,000 daily active users. To thank the first customers using  RICE Wallet, RICE introduces the “Daily Check-in” program, which offers the opportunity to receive rewards for active users.

Specifically, every day RICE will send a gift equivalent to 1 RICE to your wallet. You just need to access RICE Wallet, check-in and get rewarded. The next reward will appear after 24 hours and wait for you to continue to check-in the next day.

Steps to check-in and receive rewards on RICE Wallet:

1. At the main screen, click on the Rewards tab next to the Wallet tab

2. Select Check-in now

3. Check-in to receive 1 RICE

4. Come back tomorrow to continue Check-in 

Your reward can be transferred to the main wallet when reaching the amount of 100 RICE.

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