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DApp Spotlight: ONUS Validator Staking

ONUS Validator Staking is now available in the RICE DApp. You can start staking ONUS with RICE Wallet to earn transaction fees from the ecosystem or become one of ONUS Chain validators.

Get the latest version of RICE Wallet to start staking your ONUS now:

How to stake/delegate ONUS with RICE Wallet

1) Launch RICE Wallet and go to DApp section in ONUS Chain; tap on ONUS Validator Staking, and it will automatically connect with your wallet.

2) Select the validator you want to delegate ONUS. Enter the desired amount, approve and confirm the transaction to complete.

3) Go to My Staking section to check your staking status and rewards. Your rewards will be claimable and updated real-time. Just hit the claim button and confirm the transaction to get your rewards.

4) Here you can also unstake your funds, but you can only claim it after 18 days since your unstaking. The unstaking funds will be available in the Claimable Assets.

About ONUS Chain Staking

ONUS Chain is a high-performance, scalable blockchain platform that is compatible with EVM and uses the Proof-of-Stake-Authority (PoSA) consensus mechanism. With this consensus mechanism, Validators need to stake a certain amount of ONUS to participate in validating and processing transactions on the ONUS Chain, thereby contributing to network operation. Validator will also have the right to vote for intentions, updated on the ONUS Chain in the Governance section.

Learn more about ONUS Staking:

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