Brian Tran is here today to support and build RICEC community of individual members and meetup organizers.

At RICE, we take pride in communicating and engaging as much as possible with our community.

Today, officially welcome, Brian Tran – former Marketing Manager of Topica Native Thailand, a leading online education platform in Southeast Asia, with offices in Ho Chi Minh City & Hanoi Vietnam, and Bangkok, Thailand, is here to support and strengthen RICE community of individual members and meetup organizers.

Brian, passionate about digital & community marketing, has more than five years of experience in the sector. He has been an associate with The S-one since its foundation, a growth hacking consulting unit. From 2018, he has been aiding various SMEs in expanding their businesses in operations, marketing, product development, and finance with a diverse range of communities.

Brian Tran officially joins RICE as head of community in giving his full support and that we continue to build a stronger society.

Here is a brief profile of him:

1. Co-Founder of The S-One – Growth Hacking consulting unit for businesses

2. Digital Marketing Manager: Topica Native Thailand, Lychee Corp

3. Five years of experience in Digital & Community Marketing

Welcome to the team, Brian.

RICE will continue to talk about new features, policies, contributors, and product releases in the future. In addition to announcements, tutorials, AMA, tips, and much more.

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