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More than 300 assets are available on RICE Wallet

More than 300 assets are available on RICE Wallet

To make the DeFi market easy for all users, we are always looking for new tokens and expanding the asset list on RICE Wallet. Currently, 300 popular assets in the market have been selected and listed by the team on RICE Wallet. The assets are all updated with important information, best support for users transaction:

  • Price and price movement
  • Trading volume
  • Market cap
  • Smart contract address
  • Information about the project and token

In addition to large-cap assets and long-standing presence in the market, RICE also supports new tokens that are of interest to many investors such as:



DOME (Everdome)

BANANA (ApeSwap Finance)

ELON (Dogelon Mars)


T (Threshold Network)

BCOIN (Bombcrypto)


HERO (Metahero)

MILO (Milo Inu)

CATS (CatCoin)

SSS (StarSharks)


TLOS (Telos)

Now, everyone can store, send, receive and easily swap more than 300 assets on the app, instead of trading at DEXs. Please continue to let us know which token you are looking to list by providing asset information at the Submit Token feature.

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