Today, officially welcome David Tan, new Advisor from Singapore, to RICE blockchain technology team.

David Tan will be closely involved in consulting on all aspects of RICE’s technology, especially the blockchain part. Mr. Tan is currently a Game Economist at Gameloft, a subsidiary of the Vivendi Group with a 2020 revenue of €16.02 Billion. Gameloft is the number one mobile game developer in France, founded in 1999 and headquartered in Paris. It is best known for racing games such as the Asphalt series and the fighting game Mortal Kombat, which was extremely popular in Vietnam.

Our CEO and David Tan met four years ago as colleagues at Topica Edtech Group, Southeast Asia’s largest technological education company at the time with 2000+ employees from USA, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, UK, Australia…

Mr.Tan possesses extensive expertise in blockchain technology, particularly its application in DeFi and GameFi. You might easily spend an entire day absorbed in Tan’s discussion of blockchain technology and its future. Whenever our CEO wants to determine the legitimacy of a project, whether there is a scam or not, Tan is always the most credible source to consult.

David Tan is currently a senior technology advisor at RICE, where he is responsible for legal compliance and integrating investment money from around the world.

Please review our outstanding Senior Advisor profile:

  • 12/2018: Project Manager, Game Economist at Gameloft
  • 2017: Finance and Marketing Director TOPICA
  • 2016: Finance and Marketing Director Krowdpop
  • 5/2013: Founder Institute Singapore
  • 8/2010: Android Developer DLT Applications

RICE is honored to have David as a partner in product development.

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