Officially Launching RICE Wallet

Officially launching the RICE Wallet

Dear RICE Community,

After 07 months of non-stop work and gradually conquering the set goals, today, February 20, 2022, we officially launched the RICE Wallet application on both Android and iOS operating systems. Features that have been completed and available on RICE Wallet:

  • Store and manage more than 1,000 digital assets.
  • Support 03 networks: Polygon, Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain.
  • Swap and manage asset portfolio directly on RICE Wallet.
  • WalletConnect – Connect to DApps quickly.

Prioritize security

In addition to prioritizing ease of use and optimizing the transaction experience on DeFi, RICE Wallet is highly focused on security and transparency. Therefore, RICE Wallet participates in security and transparency testing by three major partners, CertiK, CyStack, and Verichains.

Cashback Gas Fee

Onchain transaction fees are a big expense for users when participating in DeFi, so RICE Wallet has the feature of partially refunding gas fees to users when transacting at RICE Wallet.

Supported transactions include Transfer, Swap, Contract Approve (Refund 30% of the gas fee that the user has to pay in each transaction, up to $1 of RICE Token and up to 02 transactions per day).

Get Daily Free RICE

With the goal of user development and gratitude for the first ones, RICE Wallet provides a feature to reward everyone when referring your friends to RICE. In addition, when checking in with RICE, each user will receive 01 free RICE per day.

To start using, please download the RICE Wallet application by following the link:

RICE Wallet will integrate NFT storage, transaction, and Module Dapps with decentralized applications that are really useful for users in the near future.

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