RICE x CyStack: Security Strategic Partnership 

RICE Wallet x Cystack

RICE Wallet is a decentralized and non-custodial digital asset storage wallet that can be used to store assets, trade, and access decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. Therefore, security and transparency are extremely important to us.

As part of the official launch roadmap of RICE Wallet, today January 17th, RICE announced a strategic agreement with CyStack, the premier security service provider in Vietnam, to test and validate the RICE application’s security before it is officially delivered to users.

Partnership content:

  • Test security for the entire RICE Wallet application through security analysis and scanning (black-box and white-box testing) to find security holes.
  • Audit the entire source code of RICE Wallet, ensuring that the key storage mechanism is completely safe and that RICE is completely not involved in the management of user assets.
  • Provide Security Certificates according to international standards for the RICE Wallet application.

About CyStack

CyStack is a leading company in the field of network security and information security in Vietnam, founded by a group of network security engineers with the vision of building security products and solutions for organizations and businesses. industry to combat security risks in the digital age. Currently, CyStack is a partner providing products and services for many businesses in Vietnam and Asia.


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