RICE x Verichains: Security Strategic Partnership

RICE x Verichains

After CertiK and Cystack, Verichains is the next company that RICE chooses to cooperate with to perform a comprehensive security audit for the RICE Wallet application. The cooperation with 3 leading blockchain security companies is important for the team to assure users of absolute safety before officially launching RICE Wallet.

The following is the content of cooperation:

  • RICE provides source code and documentation for Verichains to audit the entire RICE Wallet application system.
  • Verichains checks, evaluate the security and provides detailed reports on the safety issues of RICE Wallet, as well as recommends solutions to fix and improve.
  • Provide international Security Certificate for RICE Wallet application.

About Verichains

Verichains is one of the leading companies specializing in the research and development of AI technology and blockchain security. Besides investing in technology products and websites such as VWallet, Apllo, Tesca,…Verichains provides a variety of security-related services: smart contract and blockchain audit, security assessment hardware and software security using the most modern methods. Verichains’ customers are famous technology projects in Vietnam and around the world such as: Axie Infinity, Kyber Network, Thetan Arena, Heroes TD,…

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