Officially Released RICE Token’s Smart Contract

RICE Wallet chính thức công bố Smart Contract cho RICE Token, giúp nhà đầu tư dễ dàng theo dõi và đồng hành cùng RICE.

With the goal of pursuing transparency, putting investors’ trust first, RICE Wallet officially announced the Smart Contract address of RICE Token.

On Smart Contract, investors can thoroughly check:

  • RICE project information
  • List of investors, RICE transactions
  • Lock mechanism up to 5 years for founding team and 2.5 years for angel investors.

Token: RICE

What is Smart Contract? Why choose Smart Contract?

Smart Contract is a term that describes the ability of a computer system to make terms and enforce agreements on its own using Blockchain technology. The whole process of a Smart Contract is done automatically and without outside intervention. The terms of a Smart Contract are equivalent to a legal contract and written in computer language.

By using Smart Contract, we can take advantage of its main benefits such as:

  • Automation: The process by which the contract execute is automatically equal. At the same time, you are the contract’s creator, no longer have to depend on brokers, lawyers, or anyone else. As such, it also removes the risks from third parties.
  • No Loss: Your documents are encrypted on a shared ledger, which means they can’t be lost. With Blockchain, all your friends have a record of your documents.
  • Safety: Blockchain will ensure the security of your documents. No hacker can threaten them.
  • Speed: Smart contracts use programming languages, software code to automate terms, saving hours of unnecessary work.
  • Savings: Smart contracts save you tons of money by eliminating the middleman.
  • Accurate: Automated contracts are not only faster and cheaper, but they also avoid common mistakes when writing paperwork.

Through Smart Contract, investors can always monitor and check the transparency in the distribution and trading of RICE Tokens as well as the commitment of the founding team to accompany the development of RICE Wallet.

About RICE Wallet

RICE Wallet is an e-wallet application that applies a decentralized finance (defi) model, allowing users to store all types of digital assets with absolute control. We create RICE Wallet to solve existing problems in a new decentralized finance such as poor user experience, complex application systems, or increased risk of fraud.

By inheriting the outstanding advantages of Blockchain technology, RICE Wallet optimizes to help people access financial investments safely and securely; minimize risk when all transaction information is publicly encrypted and in the hands of users.

About RICE Token

RICE Token is a digital currency built on the Ethereum Blockchain (ERC20) platform, with the vision of becoming an intermediary asset used in the RICE financial ecosystem through the RICE Wallet. Making the most of the advantages and strengths of Smart Contracts, RICE Token makes the process of exchanging digital assets easy, fast, and secure.

In addition, RICE also becomes a bridge between the founding team and the community, sharing the ownership of the platform with everyone. All investors who own RICE will receive the potential benefits of RICE Token and the RICE DeFi ecosystem. 

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