Successful Public Fundraising all 10 Million Tokens, Open P2P Trading and On-chain Deposit/Withdrawal


RICE Wallet would like to thank and congratulate all investors who have trusted and successfully owned RICE. We expect the sale to last for two days. However, due to the heat of the project and the highly appreciated growth potential, all 10,000,000 RICE were distributed to the community, setting a launchpad record on all three platforms:

  • VNDC: 15 seconds
  • Nami Exchange: 6 seconds
  • Atlas Exchange: 1 minute 10 seconds

became the hottest IEO project ever launched.

Open P2P trading and On-chain deposit/withdrawal for RICE

With an unbelievable distribution speed, many investors cannot help but regret not having time to participate in owning this token.
In order to bring RICE to more people, and at the same time have the opportunity to increase profits from newly owned assets; from 9 pm (July 20), VNDC will officially activate the P2P Trading feature for RICE Token.

Besides, RICE will be opened on the On-chain deposit/withdrawal portal and listed on Nami & Atlas Exchange with the RICE/USDT trading pair from 21:00 on the same day.

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