RICE Wallet, Investing in DeFi for Everyone

Rice Wallet is a non-custodial wallet that helps you store, invest and manage cryptocurrencies from one place with the best user experience, which everyone can use easily.

About RICE

RICE Token is a digital currency built on the Ethereum Blockchain (ERC20) platform, with the vision of becoming an intermediary asset used in the RICE financial ecosystem through the RICE Wallet. Making the most of the advantages and strengths of Smart Contracts, RICE Token makes the process of exchanging digital assets easy, fast, and secure.

RICE Wallet is an e-wallet application that applies a decentralized finance (defi) model, allowing users to store all types of digital assets with absolute control. We create RICE to solve existing problems in a new decentralized finance such as poor user experience, complex application system, or increased risk of fraud. By inheriting the outstanding advantages of Blockchain technology, RICE Wallet optimizes to help people access financial investments safely and securely; minimize risk when all transaction information is publicly encrypted and in the hands of users.
In addition, RICE also becomes a bridge between the founding team and the community, sharing the ownership of the platform with everyone. All investors who own RICE will receive the potential benefits of RICE Token and the RICE DeFi ecosystem.

RICE wallet and decentralized finance ecosystem RICE
  • Control and security issues in financial transactions

Since ancient times, banks, organizations, and centralized financial applications have always been the 3rd party in all financial transactions. This causes saving, lending, borrowing, transfer orders, and cumbersome procedures accompanied by unnecessary fees. Not only that, all information related to users and transactions is stored centrally at intermediaries, which makes misappropriation or loss, or theft of assets more likely.

RICE is a defi wallet, where users will be able to own their assets without keeping a third party. Investors can access all purchases via private secret keys, and no one can hack them or change all previous transactions.

Besides, through Smart Contract, RICE Wallet becomes a bridge between investors and their assets; a ultimate safe for each house, but only the user owns the key.

  • Simple and easy experience

To use today’s Defi applications requires users to have a very high level of knowledge in both technology and finance; especially new users will need a lot of guidance from experienced ones. Many users must perform many complex operations and incur many risks during use. This creates a massive obstacle for traders/investors to access these applications, especially those new to the market.
With a deep understanding of building blockchain products, RICE positioning is a simple, easy-to-understand product that everyone can easily use.

  • Decentralized Financial Ecosystem RICE

RICE is born as a method of exchange in products and services in the decentralized financial ecosystem through the RICE Wallet (RDFE).
At RDFE – scheduled to launch in early 2023, investors can easily connect to the worldwide, decentralized financial market. Specifically, users in the RICE ecosystem, besides being supported to manage and exchange digital assets in the safest way, also have access to decentralized exchanges (DeX) and financial instruments through other Defi such as Staking, Pooling, … all only need to be done through a single application, RICE wallet, but still, maintain anonymity.
Users can directly convert RICE Tokens to other cryptocurrencies such as BNB or ETH or use them in the RICE ecosystem.

Roadmap development

Vietnam’s first decentralized digital asset wallet RICE Wallet will be officially Open Beta at the end of 2021. Followed by is that the RICE decentralized finance ecosystem (RDFE) will launch in 2023, according to the roadmap. Still, timelines can be changed according to the actual deployment situation to bring the best results for users.

Preparing (Q3 – Q4/2021)

  • Start project and open private sales, Deploy smart contract and Public Fundraising: IEO, IDO (20 July)
  • Building Rice Wallet application on Android and iOS with community over 20,000 member in VietNam
  • Soft Launching with basic features such as Store assets; Swap (trading with DEXes) & Investing.

Launching (2022)

  • A complete version will be launch with many features as Store (with over 500 tokens); Swap; Investing
  • Reaching more than 500,000 users with at least 100,000 active users, most popular come from Vietnam.
  • Rice Wallet app will be published earning features such as Farming, Staking, Credit Line, Lending.

Growing (2023)

  • Publishing the Rice Decentralized FinanceEcosystem (RDFE).
  • Target growth users, reach 2,000,000 – 5,000,000 – 10,000,000 global users.

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