RICE Wallet version 1.1.9 is now live

From suggestions of users, RICE Wallet team always focuses on improving the product to update application to the best version. In the Q2 of 2022, RICE Wallet continuously adds new network and actively cooperates with decentralized projects to further expand the ecosystem and attract new users.

Currently, RICE Wallet has officially launched a new version 1.1.9 on both iOS and Android system with many highlight improvements, users can now download on App Store or Google Play for the best experience at:

New update in version 1.1.9:

  • Added 2 new networks: Arbitrum and Fantom.
  • Implement the NFT Collection feature.
  • Adjust the slippage setting at the Swap feature.
  • Update trennding DAppsĀ 
  • Add assets in all 6 networks, total assets supported by RICE over 3000 tokens

During the application experience, we hope that customers will share their comments and suggestions so that the team can continue to improve the product.

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