Swap more than 1000 tokens on RICE Wallet

Swap on RICE

Not only a secure DeFi wallet, RICE is also a “powerful tool” to help people invest easily with DeFi. Anyone can buy/sell over 1000 listed tokens, including many that are not available on centralized exchanges.

The Swap feature allows users to quickly swap all assets together on the wallet without going through DEXs. Advantages of Swap features on RICE Wallet:

  • No swap fee
  • Best rate
  • Get 30% gas fee refund per transaction (up to 1$ RICE and 2 transactions per day)
  • Optimal interface, easy to see

Before you can use this feature, you need to Approve Token at the first transaction. This is the principle in every DeFi transaction.

Steps to Swap on RICE Wallet:

1. At the main screen, select the Swap feature

2. Swap 1 of the existing assets in your wallet

3. Adjust the slippage (Note: with some small-cap tokens, it is necessary to raise the slippage or adjust according to the requirements of the project to be able to swap)

4. Check information and complete the transaction


You need to prepare the network token to pay gas fee before trading for both Token Approval and Swap.

  • ETH for Ethereum network
  • BNB for Binance Smart Chain network
  • MATIC for Polygon network
  • AVAX for Avalanche C-Chain network

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