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New feature: Auto Slippage

Auto Slippage is now available on RICE Wallet, making everyone’s investment more efficient.

With this new feature, you don’t need to set the slippage manually when making swap transactions. Instead, RICE system will automatically set the appropriate slippage tolerance to complete the transaction instantly. Everyone using RICE Wallet can have unique advantages when trading:

  • Token with tax: No need to remember the buy/sell tax required by the project, especially for some tokens such as PIT, TITANO, LIBERO…
  • Token with high volatility in price trading volume: Match orders quickly, don’t miss opportunities to take profits
  • Token with low liquidity: Auto select suitable slippage to minimize the risk

How to set Auto Slippage on RICE Wallet

1. Select the token pair to swap and enter the amount

2. At the Swap screen, click the Setting icon in the right corner

3. Turn on Auto Slippage

4. Save and swipe up to complete the transaction


  • Users can choose manual slippage or auto slippage.
  • Auto Slippage can also lead to the risk of negative slippage – the bid price is higher than the intended entry price, or the actual ask price is lower than intended.

Learn more about Slippage here.


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