Security Report for RICE Wallet by Verichain

Security Report for RICE Wallet from Verichains

On February 16, RICE and Verichains announced a strategic security cooperation to audit the entire RICE Wallet application.

After the process of reviewing and testing to detect weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the application. Currently, all recommendations from Verichains have been received and thoroughly rectified by the RICE Wallet team. The partner officially publishes the Security Report for RICE Wallet on both iOS and Android operating systems:

Report details:

Specifically, Verichains tested the app on 2 separate operating systems and discovered 3 issues for iOS and 6 issues for Android, including 4 high-risk issues, 1 low-risk issue, and 4 issues. risk-free problem.

The RICE team has fixed all weaknesses based on detailed recommendations from Verichains. According to the last update on March 17, the RICE Wallet application has been determined by Verichains to be absolutely safe and meets the security standards of a DeFi application.

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