Get free NFT from Arbitrum Odyssey (Week 1)

In the latest version 1.1.9, RICE Wallet has supported trading on the Arbitrum Mainnet and integrated DApp ecosystem built on the Arbitrum network.

Arbitrum Odyssey – an 8-week event where you can earn NFTs by completing specific tasks each week. There are 15 Task Reward NFTs in total, holding 12 of them will be eligible for the Final Reward NFT.

The first week of Arbitrum Odyssey is Bridge Week.

  • Task: Bridge ETH at least once into Arbitrum with any DApp Bridgers listed here to collect free designed NFTs.
  • End time: June 27th, 4:59 pm UTC
  • Claim at Project Galaxy DApp

Eligible DApps:

1. The Boring DAO oPortal

2. Connext

3. Hop Protocol

4. Celer Bridge

5. Composable Finance

6. Li.Fi

7. DeGate

8. Multichain

9. Across V2

10. Rubic

11. VarenX

12. DeBridge

13. Bungee

14. Router Rrotocol

15. Rango

16. Hashflow

Learn how to use Cross-chain Bridge here.

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