New DApp supported: GMX

RICE Wallet has officially integrated DApp GMX on Arbitrum and Avalanche network, supporting users to trade leverage on RICE conveniently.

GMX is a Decentralized Perpetual Exchange that allows users to trade spot or perpetual future contract with up to 30x leverage. GMX works on 2 chains: Arbitrum and Avalanche, provides Long, Short, Swap tool, supports most of top coins such as BTC, ETH, AVAX, LINK…

Advantages of GMX:

  • Save Cost: Enter and exit positions with minimal spread and zero price impact. Get the optimal price without incurring additional costs.
  • Reduce Liquidation Risks: An aggregate of high-quality price feeds determine when liquidations occur. This keeps positions safe from temporary wicks.
  • Simple Swap: Open positions through a simple swap interface. Conveniently swap from any supported asset into the position of your choice.

How to use GMX on RICE Wallet

1. Open RICE Wallet, choose DApps feature >> Arbitrum or Avalanche Network

2. Enter GMX in the Search box

3. Connect wallet to DApp via Metamask

4. Select token pair to trade with one of orders:

  • Long: Buy leverage
  • Short: Sell Leverage¬†
  • Swap: Convert token

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