Pyramid (PYRA) is now available on RICE Wallet

The Pyramid Walk-to-Earn project has officially completed IDO 12,500,000 PYRA on ONUS DeFi platform with the total deposited value at 2 Pools of 494,000 USDT. At 2 PM UTC tonight, users can claim 20% of the tokens for the first vesting and receive the remaining amount of USDT after ordering.

To simplify users’ interaction, starting at 1 PM UTC today, June 10th, RICE officially enables the Swap feature for PYRA token – at the same time on PancakeSwap and ONUS DeFi.

PYRA is now available with the following features on RICE Wallet:

  • Storage
  • On-chain transaction: Send/Receive
  • Directly swap with 2500+ other assets
  • Keep track of information in the Market

How to get PYRA on RICE Wallet

  • On the main screen, select the BNB Smart Chain network >> click on the Swap feature
  • Swap from 1 of the available tokens to PYRA. The liquidity pool is added for the PYRA/BUSD pair on PancakeSwap, so swapping from BUSD will be more cost-effective than using other assets
  • Adjust the desired slippage and gas charges. With PYRA token, the reasonable slippage is from 1-3%, depending on the time making the transaction
  • Swipe up to swap

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