RICE Wallet x Pitbull: Strategic Partnership

Pitbull is one of the meme coin projects that is always at the top of social engagement and has the most holders. Since launching in March 2021, Pitbull has been supported by millions of volunteers around the world. This is because the project does important things for society, like raising money for ROLDA, a charity that helps stray dogs in Romania.

With the purpose of introducing useful products and programs of both projects and expanding the ecosystem in the future, today, RICE Wallet and Pitbull officially became strategic partners, aiming at the following goals:

  • Coordinating to build and develop utilities to increase user benefits.
  • Listing PIT token and integrating Pitbull DApps on RICE Wallet: PitSwap, PitSafe and PitFarm, supporting users to conveniently access these right on RICE.
  • Integrating RICE Wallet into Pitbull DApps.
  • Supporting communication and introducing marketing programs to the global community.

In the near future, the RICE and Pitbull teams will work tirelessly to keep the community informed about new products, news, and activities related to both projects.

About Pitbull and PIT token

Pitbull is a meme token project whose name and symbol are based on the image of the pet dog Pitbull. PIT is a native token created to enable full community ownership and auto-staking for holders. Revenue from the project’s products will be used for social activities such as sponsorship, charity, and so on.

Learn more about Pitbull at:

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